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I just got back from the Annual American Academy of Dermatology Meeting.  It’s an exceedingly large conference that brings thousands of dermatologists from around the world together.  Always learn new things, but its also a conference that is permeated by industry peddling drugs and devices, many of which are complete crap.  So, I’m going to start something I’m calling the Dermatologic Darwin Awards.  These are my nominations for the most ridiculous new products brought to market.  By now, everyone is aware of runaway drug prices.  Drugs for skin conditions have been a prime target for price abuses and games.  I’m going...

Finally, Tri-luma is available again! This stuff is awesome for melasma and photoaging and I'm happy that I can prescribe it again. Its also one of a very few number of cosmetic products that work so well that I feel comfortable selling it in the office. Our stock arrived today....

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