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I had what I thought was a routine visit to look at an unusual bump on my skin, and it turned out to be anything but routine. I found the care and explanations of the doctor and staff to be very helpful, and their sense of urgency and compassion to be “as good as it gets,” in Yelp-talk. In fact, it was better than that.
I found that they practiced the Platinum Rule (“Treat others as you wish that others could treat you”) rather than the mere Golden Rule. While the staff were coordinating the next steps in my care, I searched the internet (on their free wifi) and found that the doctor was following the state-of-the-art treatment plan, and acting with old-fashioned interaction and communication from the doctor and staff.

My kids have received successful acne treatment at Miller Family Dermatology, and I am delighted that I chose this team.

– Rob Y.

I first came in to have a mole checked. Val checked it and concluded that it needed to come off for a biopsy. Shortly after, I found out it was a basal cell carcinoma and I needed Dr Miller to do a procedure called Mohs Surgery. I was terrified of the scar as the spot was on my nose. Dr Miller assured me before the procedure that they would take care of the scar and offered laser treatments. The procedure went great, and I ended up with a scar approximately 1.3in long along the bridge of my nose. They have done 6 Laser treatments (profractional  and bbl laser) on the scar FREE OF CHARGE in the 6 months since the surgery. I can barely see the scar now; my friends and family are so impressed with how good it looks. If someone didn’t know I had a scar in my nose, I doubt they would notice it. I am so impressed. I think, even without the laser treatments, the scar was very even, flat, and symmetrical and now after the FREE treatments it’s almost disappeared. I have and will continue to recommend this practice to my friends and family.

– Laura B.

I originally met with Valerie to discuss changes with my skin. As a teen I struggled with acne, tried various treatment options and Accutane was the solution that worked best for me at the time. 20 years and 3 kids later, I found myself with hormonal acne issues once again. Valerie was able to provide treatment options and also recommended a consultation with Kenlynn. LIVE CHANGING. Kenlynn was an absolute gem during our initial consult, discussing my current skin care regimen and provided subtle tweaks that I could immediately implement before coming in for a hydrafacial. The hydrafacial was fantastic. I saw an immediate change in my appearance and my skin just felt amazing. She recommended a face wash/lotion combo which i began to use in conjunction with the cream prescribed by Valerie. I have seen fabulous results – I get compliments frequently on the ‘glow’ of my skin, inquiries into the products/treatments I use and none of this would be possible without this dynamic duo of women. I have also seen Kenlynn for dermaplanning and various facial peels. She is very knowledgeable about the products she uses, treatments available, and has such a warm demeanor you can tell that she truly loves what she does and takes pride in her work. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Julie R.

Overall the experience was pretty insightful and honestly cleared up my issue almost completely. I had made an appointment for severe acne and scarring, during this appointment Dr. Miller asked about my skin type (I later learned there was a term for it), reactions, what I’ve tried, etc. I found this to be incredibly helpful and honestly made him seem more personable and actually concerned/wanting to help. Like the name of the clinic, he definitely treated me with concern and honestly like a family member.

For the treatment he started off with gentle serums and creams, as these didn’t work he eventually worked his way up in severity. After a couple followups and little improvement we got me on accutane. This helped incredibly and I do appreciate that he didn’t want to jump to the most severe solution.

Years later I continue to go back to Miller Family Dermatology on mole checkups and anything skin related.

– SM.

I visited Tim Cruickshank last week at Miller Family Dermatology for Botox and Voluma and he did an amazing job! It was my first visit and was a little nervous but he did a great job putting my nerves at ease and was very knowledgeable and gentle. I’m so happy with the results!

The entire staff was very friendly and engaging and went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. Thank you Tim, I’ll be back soon!

– Amy B.

Kenlynn is incredible and so knowledgeable. She has a gentle hand and walks you through the procedures to make sure you understand what she’s doing. She’s really takes the time to make sure you know how to follow through with at home care and is very patient of you need some extra guidance. I’ve been doing laser hair removal with her and she makes it comfortable and as pain free as possible. Won’t go anywhere else with any of my skin care needs! Thank you Kenlynn!!!

– Laura L.

I visited Miller Family Dermatology for the first time on Monday. I needed some moles/suspect markings looked at and removed. The whole process took less than an hour, I was amazed. The environment/staff was very comforting and Dr. Miller was truly outstanding in explaining everything and the work was not as uncomfortable as I would have thought. I would definitely recommend my family and friends to Dr. Miller and the Miller Family Dermatology Clinic.

– John S.

Miller Family Dermatology is absolutely Amazing. They are so attentive to their patients and really go the extra mile making sure all your needs are met. My skin is already 10x better. Not to mention their in house compounding is so affordable and so much better than anything you could pick up from the pharmacy! I will forever be a patient and can’t wait to try some of their laser treatments!

– Alyssa C.

Finding a dermatologist to care for my family is a tough task – until I met Dr. Miller. My entire family from my 5-year-old nephew to cousins, siblings and parents have seen him! The staff CARES. The technology is top notch. A dermatologist who is passionate about real skin health? Yes, please.

– Amariah G.

I went in for a microneedling service today. Kenlyn, my esthetician, was so knowledgeable and friendly. The staff at the desk were so professional and upbeat. I’m so happy with my service, she did a phenomenal job, I will be back! Highly recommend this lovely office!

– Yolanda P.

Great experience with Miller Family Dermatology. The staff was friendly and prompt (I actually went in before my appointment time and didn’t have to wait in the exam room). The MA, PA and Dr. Miller were all super personable and explained everything really well. I will definitely recommend to others.

– Grant I.

This dermatology office is amazing! The staff are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They take wonderful care of their patients, never rush and always take the time to explain everything. They have a wide variety of services offered here! This is the place to go for all your skincare and dermatology needs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

– Shana C.

Dr. Miller provided excellent care. His office staff were friendly and helpful in every interaction. A series of tests revealed my allergies and my quality life has improved as a result. I would never have guessed lavender was the source of my problems. I was bathing in it, using lavender lotion, doing my laundry with it lavender scented soap, mopping my floor with it and drinking lavender tea while sprinkling lavender spice on my food!

Thank You Dr Miller

PS And minor mole removal in his office was done without a return visit. It was quick, painless and over before I knew he had started.

– Lisa R.

Five Stars!

The staff couldn’t have been any nicer and professional.

Shannon was Dr. Miller’s assistant and she was down to earth and she made sure she answered any questions and she explained everything to perfection.

Dr. Arlo removed a small growth from my back quickly and painlessly and couldn’t have been any nicer in his approach.  Use these people with confidence!

– Craig J.

My whole family has exceptionally sensitive and allergy prone skin. My son, age 7, is especially anxious about going to the doctor. The staff made him feel like a rock star. Dr. Miller made him feel special and listened intently to him. I appreciate that he didn’t talk over him. I hate it when care providers do that. All in all – we are on the mend and so grateful to have Miller Family Dermatology as a resource. We live in Auburn and made the drive. It was worth the gas. I promise you won’t regret it.

– Jerusha G.

My experience with Miller Family Dermatology began with the appreciation of the simplicity and intuitiveness of their website. There is also a lot of information regarding conditions and remedies which to my surprise include inexpensive, over the counter facial products.

The administrative staff were both friendly and professional on the phone and in person. Wait time from lobby to exam room and exam room to doctor arriving were very short.

I was scheduled with Suzi Miner, PA-C, and she was simply terrific. She explained my condition and treatment plans clearly and was generously patient as I had my two small children with me.

Her continued care left a signifiant impression on me and my husband. Suzi personally followed up with me regarding my recommended treatment plan and potential interactions with my current medication list. She requested my prescribing doctor’s contact info so she may staff with them directly. Suzi called again to let me know we are going to proceed with an alternate prescription that better suited my existing medications.

It is very reassuring to feel that a medical provider is “going the extra mile”.

I will certainly continue treatment with Miller Family Dermatology and recommend friends and family.

– Kehle P.

I’ve been going to Miller Dermatology for a few years now. Their staff is exceptional and I have been very pleased with my results. I’ve had lip fillers from Dr. Miller and hydrafacial from Kenlynn. I highly recommend their office.

– Erin B.

Dr. Miller and his staff are awesome. Their in-house products are amazing, particularly the shampoos. They take good care of your skin needs; I’m very pleased.

– Enrique B.

I’ve had 2 bbl procedures by Kenlynn. She was very professional, knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable during my visits. Great results!

– Chrissy M.

They called me in for my appointment at the exact time my appointment was set. The staff was very friendly & they got me in & out in good time. They were knowledgeable & organized.

– Sydnee T.

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