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If we can see it, we can see you. If you have a condition affecting the skin, hair, or nails we can help you.

At Miller Family Dermatology we are equally adept at diagnosing and treating everything from acne and eczema to uncommon skin disorders. Explore the most common medical dermatology conditions below.


Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that can affect the skin, nails, and joints. We are one of the few centers that offers phototherapy, which is the safest, fastest, most effective, & cheapest form of systemic treatment.

Adult Acne

Everyone thinks of acne as a teenage disease, but the reality is that 30% of adults also have acne. We can make that go away.


Atypical moles are funny-looking moles that in some cases are worrisome for melanoma. When moles are closely inspected, Dr. Miller can determine whether removal is necessary.

Teenage Acne

Is going to school, hanging out with friends, or even just leaving home a hassle because of your skin? Frustrated with acne treatments that just don’t work? We can help.

Dermatitis & Eczema

Dermatitis and eczema are extremely common problems. We have uncommon answers, since we are one of few practices in the state that offer testing for skin allergies and offer treatment with phototherapy or excimer laser.


The only people who haven’t had warts are people who didn’t know they had one. Warts are pesky and they tend to come back or spread if not treated.


Rosacea causes redness or bumps on the face. It usually affects adults and is very, very common.


Melasma is a benign but incredibly frustrating and annoying tendency to develop areas of brown blotchy skin, usually on the face.


Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition that causes white patches to develop on the body due to a loss of pigment. Phototherapy is the only FDA approved treatment available for it.

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