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A 2017 study done by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery showed that 117,436 people received photofacial laser treatments. Since then, these procedures have only grown in popularity. When looking at BBL vs IPL near Issaquah, BBL is the clear winner. Read on as we break down why!

Similarities of BBL vs IPL Near Issaquah

Before we talk about differences, let’s talk about similarities! Both BBL and IPL use non-invasive light waves to treat your skin. Both can be used on any part of your skin that needs treatment. And – bonus! There is no downtime for either treatment. Now let’s talk about why BBL is better…

Broad Band Light

When it comes to BBL vs IPL near Issaquah, BBL is the clear winner. BBL stands for broad band light. This high intensity light heats up the skin, and helps it to stimulate collagen production. It is the only treatment that can change the genes associated with aging! It literally restores the aging pattern of your skin at the genetic level. 

But that’s not all…

BBL is Proven to be Safer

BBL is the gold standard of photofacial skin rejuvenation. When it comes to BBL vs IPL near Issaquah, BBL is proven to be safer. Not only that, but it can treat a wide variety of skin issues: sun spots, age spots, rosacea, birthmarks, active acne, and more!  What more could you ask for?

Treatment at the Molecular Level

BBL treats the issue at the molecular level – which is what truly sets it apart. Patients see results faster with BBL than they do IPL. 

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