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Q: What will help with the dryness when I’m using Differin?  I have been using Differin as directed for about 3 weeks, and my skin is super dry and scaly. What can I use to combat the dryness that won’t create more acne?

A:  First, many of my patients use way too much medicine. The size of the “pea” is really about the size of an “O” on most keyboards. Make sure you aren’t using too much.

Second, you can try doing it every other night.

Third, you don’t have to wash your face at night before you put it on (unless you have makeup to get rid of). You’ll have less redness/dryness if you apply it without washing first. If you do need to wash at night, try waiting about 30 minutes before putting on the medicine.

Fourth, don’t be afraid to mix it with some moisturizer.

Finally, it just might not be the right product for you and a change might be necessary.

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