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Have you seen this article by Paul Fassa that has been all over Facebook about skin cancer and sunscreen? When you see things like this do you ever become curious and wonder if its true?  In this case, I couldn't resist. Is there really some new piece of research out there that turns everything I know about skin cancer and sunscreen on its head? In my world, this would be a big deal. So I took a look at the article and the actual research article it purports to cite: joim12251.  The study involved following about 30,000 Swedish women, recruited from 1990-1992. ...

Ever wonder if you should worry about skin cancer since it rains in Seattle all the time? Have you heard that tanning beds are a safe, effective way to get Vitamin D? Procrastinating about having a funny spot checked out because it can always be cut off at any time anyway? Still using Coppertone SPF8? Common skin cancer myths are dispelled, giving you information that can help save you from getting basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or melanoma....

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