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  Mollusc-who? Molluscum contagiosum.  I actually had to google it myself to make sure I spelled it correctly-the name is that much of a mouthful. Molluscum is one of the most common pediatric infections there is, certainly the most common pediatric infection seen by dermatologists. Hardly a week goes by that we don't treat a child with molluscum-some days we see 3 or 4 kids with it - yet no one seems to have heard about it.  It seems to be pretty much off the radar at mommy groups, PEPS, and other forums for parents. What is Molluscum? Mulloscum is a very common viral infection...

Sometimes when patients ask me if they need to avoid the sun because they’ve been diagnosed with a skin cancer, I tell them in a somewhat joking tone “Sunscreen works”. We tested this on a recent family vacation to Hawaii. We stayed at a hotel that has its own beach and spent 3-5 hours on the beach or in the pool everyday. None of us got burned. None of us even got a tan! We had a lot of fun and have no worries that we’ve increased our risk or our kids’ risk of...

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