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Resurfacing – Perfected

The Sciton Profractional laser at Miller Family Dermatology is the gold standard fractional deep resurfacing laser.  When it comes to acne scars, smoker’s lines, crow’s feet, crepiness under the eyes, and other lines and wrinkles on the face there is no better solution than deep resurfacing.  All of these problems come from damaged collagen deep in the dermis.  Simply put, unless you use a treatment that actually reaches this collagen you shouldn’t expect to see much actual improvement.

You will find dozens of fractional resurfacing lasers on the market.  The vast majority of them, including our Sciton Halo, are only capable of reaching medium depths.  There are only 2 types of laser that can do deep resurfacing – CO2 and Erbium.  CO2 lasers are a dime a dozen.  There are hundreds of them in use in King County.  They work well, but we bought an Erbium because it is superior in one fundamental way.

These lasers work by vaporizing tissue.  Erbium lasers do this more efficiently, which means that they create much less heat in the skin in the process.  Less heat means less pain, safer, fewer side effects, less downtime, and the ability to treat patients with darker skin tones.  The heat from CO2 lasers can cause permanent white areas in patients as well as significant darkening in others.  The problem with darkening is so severe with CO2 that these lasers are dangerous to use in people with olive skin or darker.  Erbium doesn’t suffer from these issues.

Fractional vs Full Field

With deep resurfacing you have two options – Fractional (Sciton Profractional) or Full Field (Sciton Contour TRL).  Of course, we have both!  The difference between the two is simple.  With fractional resurfacing small holes of a specified depth are being made in your skin.  With full field resurfacing, the entire surface of the skin is being vaporized to a specified depth.  Full Field is absolutely more effective, but it also has twice the downtime.

Benefits of Sciton Profractional

Dramatic Improvement in Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Smoker’s or Lipstick lines as well as lines around the eyes respond so well to Profractional treatment that it has become one of my favorite things to do.

Greatly Improves Scars from Acne or Surgery

Profractional Resurfacing is the most effective treatment there is for acne scars.  It also works very well for most surgical scars.

Improves Tone and Texture

By forcing your skin to generate new collagen and new epidermis, your old-sun damaged skin is REPLACED by fresh, young looking and feeling skin.

Deep Resurfacing – Experts Only

Nearly anyone can buy a laser and offer treatments in Washington.  Deep resurfacing treatment is not something you should ever contemplate having done in a medi-spa.  This is a serious treatment that I would urge you to only have performed by an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon whose education and training gives them the knowledge and skill necessary to fully understand the anatomy they are treating and manage the complications that can arise.

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