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Deep Resurfacing

The Sciton Contour TRL laser at Miller Family Dermatology is the best full field deep resurfacing laser in existence.  Full field resurfacing effectively treats lines and deep wrinkles.  A single treatment can make you look 10 years younger.  No other treatment can turn back time like this.  None.

The most popular lasers today are ones that minimize downtime.  Lasers like our own Halo, or Fraxel and many others.  While these lasers have MUCH less downtime than Contour, there is no amount of Halo that anyone can do that will produce the same result as Contour.

With full field resurfacing, the entire surface of the skin is vaporized to a specified depth.  Essentially, the entire epidermis is REMOVED.  Treatment often extends into the superficial dermis as well.  Your body makes an entirely new epidermis from reservoirs of cells in hair follicles and ducts in the skin that reproduce and migrate out to form new skin.

Sciton Contour TRL vs a Facelift

What Contour TRL can do that a facelift cannot is to give you fresh, young, blemish free skin. If your skin has poor texture and is covered with sunspots, a facelift will give you tight skin with poor texture and sunspots.  And, if you have lines around your mouth or eyes, a facelift won’t do much of anything for that.

If the primary concern is sagging skin, especially in the jowls, a facelift may be the best answer.  We don’t do these, but we know people who are excellent.

Benefits of Sciton Contour TRL

Dramatic Improvement in Lines and Deep Wrinkles

Full field resurfacing is the undisputed best treatment for treating lines and deep wrinkles

New Skin

You can’t get this from any other treatment.

Improves Tone and Texture

By forcing your skin to generate new collagen and new epidermis, your old-sun damaged skin is REPLACED by fresh, young looking and feeling skin.

Deep Resurfacing – Experts Only

Nearly anyone can buy a laser and offer treatments in Washington.  Deep resurfacing treatment is not something you should ever contemplate having done in a medi-spa.  This is a serious treatment that I would urge you to only have performed by an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon whose education and training gives them the knowledge and skill necessary to fully understand the anatomy they are treating and manage the complications that can arise.

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